About us

What is BitNet01?

We live in an age where the binary code is an integral part of every moment of our existence, right now you are reading letters, characters and displaying images that are the result of a complex organization of 0 and 1 juxtaposed to be understandable to humans .

This knowledge may seem foreign to you, because no one gave you the means to create it independently, or maybe yes, but it is locked up in legislative and binary boundaries created ad hoc on the platforms to make us mere passive users.

BitNet01 feels a common need to research and share in order to break this gap and regain possession of the means made available by modern technologies, collectivising them, using them creatively.

We investigate and rediscover together a new relationship between humans and the machine in the era of anthropocene.

BitNet01 is audio-visual experimentation, multimedia and interactive installations, live electronics performances, workshops, computer music and post-modern



BitNet01 stands in opposition to the speculative machine of the mainstream cultural market. In a world where the artist and the user no longer have spaces that separate them, the market tries to create more and more borders within which to make profit. We want to offer two days of sharing and enjoyment of performances, installations and workshops with national and international artists without making any profit but recognizing the value of work and dignity that artist * and performers put at the service of all

For this reason, from this year we would like to ask all interested people: humans, machines or robots, to become an integral part of the festival organization, contributing to management and organization costs in order to make the event accessible to all.


Any financial support for the project is not an end in itself but we have provided rewards for everyone: Passes, T-shirts, Shopper, DIY Circuitboard , etc.

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the workshops will be held on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 January 2020

The art of Light Painting, painting with light through photography. By shooting in a lightless environment, the photographer will therefore have an active role in determining the final appearance of the photograph: he will decide how, for how long and how to illuminate his subject, having as his only limit his own imagination.

We will know the modular synthesizer, an electronic instrument with infinite tonal possibilities that the
musician can design and build according to his needs, the sound, the modules, the use in
different musical realities.

What are the differences between a lathe-cut record and a pressed vinyl record?
What is an engraving lathe and how does it work?
And where to find the materials needed to produce a vinyl record? Lathe-cutting: procedure and techniques of engraving

Orca is an esoteric programming language designed to create sequences of procedures quickly. Each letter of the alphabet is an operator that performs a different function. Orca does not produce sounds but generates MIDI, OSC and UDP signals in a livecoding environment